Guest Post: Staying relevant to a younger generation

Mishalin ModenaMishalin-1

Green Giant Fresh

What makes a social media campaign work? It’s about seizing the moment and meeting your goals. During my time at Green Giant Fresh, we were faced with the challenge of making a 100-year-old heritage brand relevant to a new generation. Continue Reading

Guest Post: How do your grow your blog?

10712628_909831082401502_1244043186955011412_oSara De Leeuw

My Imperfect Kitchen

Some people say becoming a blogger is easy. I’d have to agree. Just a few simple steps with a web-provider and you’re on your way to sharing your passion with the world. Eventually, you may decide to expand your audience beyond the faithful viewership of family and friends. Continue Reading

Tips to Increase Your Facebook Engagement


Facebook Messaging!

Tips to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Facebook messaging is the most straightforward form of storytelling.  For many, its also the easiest platform to master, if you are truly telling a story instead of simply marketing to the audience.  Many brands forget to be personable, but speaking to users as friends instead of prospects can go a long way to creating brand loyalty and building relationships with your followers. Continue Reading

Using Dark Posts to Test and Grow Your Following


Advertising on Facebook has become something of an art form in the past few years. Savvy advertisers have been using Dark or Unpublished Posts with impressive success.

Dark or Unpublished Posts are messages that will not appear on your timeline but can be accessed by anyone with a direct link. Continue Reading

Building Your Presence on Digital Platforms

CS-ScalingUp-02Scaling Up!

How to Build Your Presence on Digital Platforms

At Social Experiment, we believe starting out on social media is a lot like bungee jumping.  As you stand on the ledge, looking down, leaving your safe perch can be quite intimidating, but when you make the decision to jump and begin your freefall, your fear gives way to exhilaration. Continue Reading