10 Surefire Live-Stream Broadcasts to Increase Your Following

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Live Streaming is becoming an integral part of the social media landscape. Every business–from the smallest to the largest–can use this type of platform to connect to their customers, increasing loyalty and sales.

Whether you are just beginning to live stream, or you have become a pro, the following ten broadcasts are sure to raise interest in what you have to say and build customer loyalty.

  1. Showcasing your offerings to your audience provides businesses with more than one product or service the opportunity to educate their audience about one particular product or service. By using live broadcasts to talk about each of your services, you have the chance to interest viewers with goods and services they may not have known you provided.
  1. Product Demos provide a platform for your brand to point out the features and benefits its goods and services to your audience. A walk-through of a product gives your audience a better understanding of what you have to offer.
  1. Tutorials provide in-depth information about your product or services. Tutorials are particularly engaging when you have a program that is more complicated, such as a tech service.
  2. Live stream announcements offer the opportunity to build excitement around your brand. By hyping the announcement across all your social media channels, and bringing your audience to your broadcast at a particular time, giving your followers a “first look” that they can’t get anywhere else.
  1. Live broadcasts are the perfect place to run many types of promotions. You can do something as simple as announcing a coupon code that your customers can use during check-out or an ongoing contest that requires users to do something specific with a hashtag. Your imagination is the only thing holding you back when it comes to promotions in your live streams.
  1. Exclusive offers, like promotions, can be as extravagant or as simple as you’d like. Perhaps you own a vehicle dealership that wants to see more people test driving vehicles; broadcasting from your lot with an offer to anyone who comes in for a test drive will get more people in your door!
  1. Behind the scenes or live events are a surefire way to get people interested in what you have to offer. Providing your audience a backstage view of an event you’re hosting or attending will increase interest in your broadcasts and build a following.
  1. Live Q&A broadcasts are an easy, convenient way to interact with customers. They are informative for followers who want to know more about your product or service and are a tremendous way to provide customer service. Answering questions on a one-on-one basis, interacting with your audience in ways that other social media doesn’t allow, is not only more personal, but your viewer can look you in the eye.
  1. Crowdsourcing is a fantastic way to let your customers tell their stories and get their feedback. These broadcasts are all about your audience and lets their experiences be the real stars. Think of crowdsourcing as a valuable learning opportunity for brands to gain customer insight–provide questions and highlight previously unknown problems.
  1. Several live streaming sites allow you to run a private broadcast in which you can choose who will be authorized to view and participate. These types of streams are particularly useful for private meetings in which all parties involved aren’t in the same place. They are also available for participants to view again at a later time.Portrait of young woman relaxing at home while using digital tablet and listening music.


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