5 Most Important Things to Remember in Social Media Messaging


Top 5 Social Media Reminders

How to succeed in Social Media Messaging

When analyzing your social media channels for effectiveness, make sure that you are creating content with the following five points in mind to make your channel engagement more successful.

Know the Language

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest; all of these platforms have a distinctive language that brands who want to be successful need to learn in order to acquire a following. One of the biggest mistakes that we see is companies that tie their platforms together. Then they post in Facebook and that post is spread across all their platforms. The problem with this is that Facebook’s language doesn’t translate well to the other platforms and vice versa. Different people are drawn to each platform so as a brand you will be more successful if you engage followers in the language that most suits them. Talking to a Twitter follower in Facebook language is likely to turn them off. You may want to talk about the same subject on each platform, but the message should be translated differently across each channel.


Content/Bring Value

Before you post anything, ask yourself, how does this benefit my audience? Everything you post should aim to inform or entertain your audience. If your posts do that, then you will rewarded with an increasing and engaged audience. If not, you may lose followers.

Recently we posted about a charity organization that one of our brands promotes and invests in heavily. The CEO wanted to post about how much that charity means to him and ask his followers also donate to that charity. A message such as this is important in two ways, first if you are invested in philanthropic ways, it is a great way to endear your customers to you, and we encourage that. Second, if it fits with your brand’s personality it helps reinforce that personality. In this case, the CEO lost two followers right off the bat, but gained 644. That message may have turned some people off but it gained more followers who were like minded.

Engage with your Audience

CS-5TopSocialMessagingTips-07We bulk engaging and listening to your audience into the same point. First of all, you need to be continually engaging with your audience. Not only should you be posting several times every week, but you should be listening to your audience when they speak back to you. Don’t leave your audience hanging. If they aren’t talking back to you, then your engagement level isn’t high enough. If you are truly providing valuable content then your audience will want to engage with you. So along with engaging, listen to what your audience is telling you.

If your audience is engaging with you, respond back. It is one of the biggest mistakes that we see, brands that schedule posts that they then don’t watch and never respond to. We recently took over a brand’s social media messaging. They had been running their social media, posting once a week or so, but they did not respond to engagement, messages or posts. We were able to increase their audience by over 1,500 in the first two weeks simply because we were responding to their audience.

Know your voice

We don’t expect social media content sites that we follow to talk to us about how to decorate our homes. That’s not their expertise. If we were looking for that type of information, we would look to home decorating sites. Now, don’t get us wrong, you can talk about things that affect your audience. For instance, we support some food companies that we offer party decorating ideas along with Superbowl recipes for, because the subjects go hand in hand. Your audience may also be open to getting tips and ideas for subjects that pertain to your industry, if not then don’t instruct in that area.


Work with others in your arena. We usually get some push-back when we suggest this, but we think this is a great way to build. If you are a food blogger, team up with other food bloggers to bounce your audience back and forth, if you are a brand who sells windows, work with a company that sells doors – work together to speak to a larger combined audience.


When you begin to create your social content using these guidelines you will create a more successful engagement with your followers and begin to see more success in all of your future postings. Don’t forget to share your social success and epic failure stories with us by clicking on the “share your stories” tab at the top of the page.

Follow these easy tips to become a Social Media Messaging Master!

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