5 Tips to Getting Over Your Fear of Live Stream Videos

Public speaking…it’s the one thing most people fear more than death…MORE THAN DEATH! Meaning that nearly everyone you know would rather DIE than SPEAK in front of others. Or as Jerry Seinfeld says, “that means to the average person, if you have to go to a funeral; you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

So it’s no wonder even though social media influencers all over the world are touting the amazing abilities of live stream videos to catapult your business revenues, grow large audiences, and build customer loyalty; so few people are actually taking steps to get in front of an audience.

Not being comfortable or confident in front of the camera is the number one complaint I hear when priming brands to go live. And there’s only one cure for this fear–doing what you fear most.

So here are 4 easy tips to help build your confidence before going live.

Rehearse Out Loud

For many of you, as you get ready to speak in front of an audience, you go over what you plan to say in your head–but that’s not enough. In order to be truly ready, truly confident you need to practice on video. Set up your phone on its tripod (or set your laptop to video), turn on your light, set up your microphone and video yourself–not on live feed, just a personal video of yourself talking through the points you want to deliver to your audience.

Practice your delivery and how you want to convey your message to your audience. This practice will allow you a new level of comfort in the video process and you’ll become more at ease with how you look, sound, and communicate. You’ll identify things you don’t like about your delivery style to fix before introducing yourself to the world.

Write Down What You Want to Say

Before going live on camera, make a list of the things you want to cover in your video. This shouldn’t be a script, rather think of it as a roadmap to get you from the introduction of your subject to the closing remarks.

This list will keep you from getting lost, running off on tangents, or forgetting to cover each of your talking points. Using a list will boost your confidence, knowing you can jump right back onto the roadmap if you wander.

Take the Pressure Off

Rather than thinking about live video as speaking to a large group of people, treat it like a person to person conversation. Because in fact, you are speaking to that one person on the other end of the phone–whether you have one or 201 people watching. You are trying to connect with that one person and convert them into a customer.

Present your information and interact as if it’s a personal conversation, like those you have every day. This is a more intimate conversation and will help you build trust between you and your audience members.

Pause Frequently

Many of us, myself included, have a tendency to speed up when talking to groups of people–getting through what we want to say as quickly as possible! We want to get it over with and end our live broadcast. But this inhibits easy engagement with your audience–people don’t feel compelled to interact if you are running through what you want to say at hyper speed. So slow it down. Ask questions and allow the time for people to answer.

Your live stream should be a 50/50 mix of interaction and information. Don’t kill it with more information than interaction or vice versa.

Imitation is a Form of Flattery

Think of someone in the media or doing live videos whose style you like, and then mimic them. Make parts of their style your style. I found a fascinating example of this from Alice Cooper, in his book Golf Monster, where he talks about looking at performers that he admired and mimicking some of their moves onstage. He said, “Behind every great rock star–especially lead singers–is a mimic. When I saw Mick Jagger for the first time, he opened a whole new world for me. When lead singers saw him, we all took his cue and invented our own versions of…doing a Jagger rooster step.”

So use cues that you like from other presenters and make them your own, with your own style infused. Doing this will also boost your confidence because you can see it’s working for someone else.

Getting over your fear of the camera may seem like a difficult task, but with these few easy steps you can master your fear and use live stream videos to build a successful business.


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