5 Ways to Capitalize with Live Stream Videos for Your Business

Live stream videos–they’re the hottest social media vehicle out there right now. Unfortunately, most brands aren’t using live video. And honestly, if you’d told me five years ago that I would regularly share my ideas, products, and services with the world via video, I would not have believed you. But now, I regularly broadcast to hundreds, sometimes thousands of followers. 

If your brand isn’t using live broadcasts; I get it–it’s one of the most daunting hurdles for people to overcome, but understand you’re losing money every day you aren’t going live.

Here are some easy ways, if you’re a brand that’s thinking about using live stream videos, to capitalize on this hot trend and increase your business revenue.

Ongoing Series

There are a few ways you can use an ongoing live stream video series to your advantage.

First, live broadcasts give you the opportunity to provide an ongoing course or class that instructs your audience in a subject of your choosing. This can be matched to a freebie, or workbook to entice audience members to provide their email address and help you build your email marketing list. This type of broadcast also sets you up as an “expert” in your chosen subject, especially if your viewers derive benefit from the information you’re sharing.

Or develop an ongoing weekly series, like an on-camera podcast or Q&A. By continually providing this content, you condition your followers to tune in at the same time every week for more valuable information and you grow your follower’s trust. Building an audience who seeks your content out on a regular basis is a first-class way to keep your brand top of mind.

Beauties Talking Business, for example, runs a weekly Facebook Live stream dedicated to beauty professionals. The hosts and guests dish about business, beauty techniques, what’s new in the marketplace, and more. They’ve steadily built up an audience in their year on the air. You can check them out at facebook.com/BeautiesTalkingBusiness.

Partner Hosted Streams

A popular way brands are using to increase their audience is reaching out to online influencers to provide content to a greater number of followers. It’s becoming a big business that gains traction and awareness beyond a brand’s immediate audience and can boost your numbers quickly.

A key case study in this type of usage was Nestle’s work with social media influencers on Periscope where these brand partners broadcast iconic summer moments, and the company’s engagement more than doubled.

Event Based Videos

Now, you’re probably no stranger to event based videos–if you haven’t watched red carpet live streams from the Grammys or the Oscars, you’ve certainly heard of them. And sharing live events with your audience will make them feel connected to your brand or business.

Event based videos are a successful way to build up to an event, growing anticipation, and allowing viewers to share the content to drive more people to the stream. The key is not just showing the event here, but letting viewers be a part of it. Plus, making sure you’re interacting with followers to keep them engaged.

One major concern when doing this type of event hype is that you need to focus on producing high-quality entertainment. Gimmicks won’t do here–to reap the rewards, you must deliver what the hype promises.

BuzzFeed specializes in these event based live videos with events like Dance Craze Battle and Exploding Watermelon.

Behind-The-Scenes Content

Giving your viewers glimpses of content they can’t see anywhere else, things they wouldn’t normally have access to is key to the appeal of behind-the-scenes live videos. People are very interested in seeing content they can’t see under normal circumstances. How many people might want to see how your product is put together, how you create your service for a client or be a part of a photo or video shoot? Anything that is either typically off-limits or not available to the general public and provides a different point of view will interest your viewers.

Daily Updates

Were you one of the millions of viewers who tuned in to see American bald eagles Harriet and M15 hatch their first eaglet? Or wait for April the giraffe to finally give birth? It helps if you have an amazing event such as these to get people to tune in, but it can be done in any industry with remarkable results.

One of the most popular ways to run these daily updates is instructing viewers on something they’re interested in–Facebook updates, how to grow a business, new apps, a favorite TV show, and more. These types of videos are only limited by your imagination. And they can be very popular with your target market if the updates provide valuable content. Keep in mind, that if you promise a daily update, you have to deliver–so only promise what your time will allow.

These are just 5 ways to capitalize on live stream videos for your brand. And they just scratch the surface of possibility when it comes to using live stream videos to grow your business. Live broadcasts are the ideal way to reach out to a new audience and keep them engaged with your brand.

Using these five options as the basis to start broadcasting then adding ways to engage with your viewers will provide you a growing audience, loyal followers, and an increase in business revenue.

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