8 Sure-Fire Ways to Grow An Audience with Live Stream Video

Live Streaming is a powerful way to grow an audience and turn them into devotees and customers. Plus it’s a tremendous way to interact with your customers in real-time.

But for those that aren’t exactly naturals in front of the camera, it can be a difficult experience.

At Social Experiment, we’ve spent an enormous amount of time in front of the cameras, and we’ve come up with eight foolproof ways to kickstart your viewership in no time.

  • Make sure your ideal customer or perfect avatar matches the demographic of the live stream app you use. This is one technique that many live streamers miss. They choose their favorite live streaming app; usually Facebook Live or Periscope without looking at the demographics on those platforms. For instance, don’t market a product meant for a younger person on a platform with an older demographic.
  • Initiate a conversation–it’s easy to “go live” and rush through what you prepared to share. But when you present that way, you come across as nervous. Take the time to slow down and interact with your viewers–start conversations, read their comments and respond to their questions. It’s going to be hard in the beginning, but it’ll be worth it.
  • Provide quality, valuable information to your target audience about subjects that they find interesting. Finding topics to delight your followers will guarantee a bigger audience.
  • Mention options for your followers to connect with you outside your live stream. You always want to be enticing your audience members to engage with you on as many channels as possible. The more impressions you provide your viewers, the higher the chance you’ll get a sale.
  • Ask you fans for shares and invites! Seems simple, but if you don’t ask, you won’t get.
  • Welcome back returning viewers. Recognizing your followers will keep them coming back to your live broadcasts. This may seem hard in the beginning, but as they become regulars, make sure that you acknowledge that on your streams when you see them tuning in.
  • Watch your analytics. If you aren’t seeing enough growth, adjust how you divide your attention. Take your viewers pulse, how are they responding to you? Are you giving too much information without engaging enough? Or vice versa? Change it up until you find what works with your followers.
  • Use your live stream broadcasts as evergreen content on YouTube, Vimeo, or on your website or landing page. Don’t just let all that great content die–use those live streams as the basis for blog posts, and social media content.

Live stream video is quickly becoming one of the best ways to engage with your prospective customers.

Learn more about live streaming in our Facebook group, Live Stream Life.

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