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How to Use Current Trends to Boost Your Social Reach



Social Media: no two words strike more fear in the hearts of marketers around the world, and who can blame them? Just ten years ago a successful marketing plan included TV buys, a little radio, some print in the local paper and a sweet direct mail piece.


Technology has rapidly changed the channels on the old model.  Today’s digital media mix has become increasingly complex… but there is a silver lining. Social media offers new ways to access consumers and communicate with millions of potential customers in a more cost effective way than ever before.


Although the potential has never been greater, the science of digital media marketing has become an elaborate experiment, prompting questions about which platforms to use, what messages generate the best response, who are you really targeting and is the timing right. Then, just as you figure out all the rules, the channels change and your experiment begins all over again.

As marketers, we are looking for insights, tips and advice into what really works for others in the digital marketing world… that one feature we can implement today that will improve the way we promote our brands and deliver our messages in the future. Hundreds of companies, brands and bloggers are out there every day experimenting with platforms, tweaking their messages and coming up with the next big thing that will get them noticed in this crowded digital space.

The Social Experiment was created as a think tank… a go-to resource where marketers and bloggers from all over the country can come together and share their successes and failures. As we share, we gain valuable insight into this fast-paced, quickly changing digital marketing world and grow from each others great (and not so great) ideas.

So let’s begin…


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