Building Relationships With Mobile Live Streaming

Tonight I’m on my way to a ghost and vampire walking tour here in New Orleans, where I’m on vacation. It’s a Friday night and the moon is full and hung low over the city as I exit my hotel. It’s already been an exciting and spooky week here in the Big Easy. My friends and I decided to sojourn in one of the most haunted hotels in the city, and it’s been a fascinating stay.

Walking down Bourbon Street through the French Quarter to the Voodoo Lounge where my tour is set to start, I pull out my phone, cue up Periscope and start sharing my walk with my followers. The only thing I can’t share is the stench in the Quarter, but I can show my audience everything else; the lines into the bars, characters dancing in the streets, jazz bands performing, the young children playing bucket drums and tap dancing for cash, and a gentleman carrying a life-sized cross down the street–reminiscent of how Jesus carried one to Golgotha,

Now, you may be asking why you would share this with your Periscope followers? The answer is simple–I’m building relationships. Those relationships with your fans are crucial. Studies have shown that when your audience begins to know and trust you, they are more easily converted from audience members to customers–and from customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

My New Orleans broadcast is an example of a behind-the-scenes broadcast–I was able to give viewers an on-scene look at what was happening at that moment in one of the most famous cities in America. I had no planned message; I simply talked about where I was, where I was going and what I saw on the way. In the span of the six-minute broadcast, I was able to increase viewership to over 200 in less than 60 seconds. And my overall viewership, both live and on replay, was 426. I added six new followers, and I showed a moment in time that will never happen again.

Building relationships with your viewers is an important aspect to live streaming. Use your everyday circumstances, even if they don’t seem as exciting as spending time in the Quarter.


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