Creating Outstanding Social Media Accounts

On day three of our series, how to create a social media marketing strategy, you now have a clear understanding of where your social media presence is, and it’s time to choose which networks best fit your social media goals.

If you don’t already have social media profiles on each network you choose to focus on, build them from the ground up with your goals and audience in mind. Keep in mind, the networks you choose don’t necessarily need to be those that you already have a following on. And for those you already have in existence, it’s time to update and refine them for the best possible results.

Start by writing a killer bio that shows off your style, including the basic information about yourself or your brand. Use your bio as a way to describe your products or services and link to external websites or landing pages, turning your bio into a powerful sales tool.

Your bio should be catered to the social network and the audience of that particular profile. For instance, your Facebook bio can be more fun and interesting than your Linkedin bio which should be much more focused and professional. Include your profile or page names, which should be consistent across all networks to allow people to find you more easily and helps to cross promote your presence across multiple channels.

Next, ensure your photos fall within the dimension recommended for that channel. Not paying attention to the correct photo size may cause them to look odd when appearing on a mobile device or home feed.

Profile images should be simple because they are small. The profile photo should be of you, your logo, or your product. The only other option for a profile image is a small loop video. If you use a video, make sure it’s dynamic and simple to get the attention of viewers. Your cover photo, which is larger, can be eye-catching to reflect who you and your brand are.

Image consistency across all your social networks help viewers connect with you. This consistency makes for better discovery, more immediate trust and is an easy way to cross promote your social accounts.

Finally, optimizing for SEO can help you generate more web traffic and cross promote your social media accounts to extend the reach of your content. For good SEO, your profile should be filled out completely; images and text should be optimized for the network in question.
Then regularly update your pages and profiles to keep them fresh–a stale channel will quickly lose viewers. Regularly update your bios with the latest information or up-to-date content to keep your profile interesting and re-engage with long time followers.

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