Customer Avatar Series: Getting To Know Joe

You should sell your customer what they want, and give them what they need. That’s a powerful statement–and developing an ideal customer will guide you to what your customer wants AND needs.

In the first installment of this series, we talked about pulling the demographic information for your perfect avatar together. I hope you encountered some surprises about your buyer that you didn’t expect. If not, you may not have dug deep enough into your ideal customer–you should get to know this person on a much more intimate level, to figure out what he/she wants and needs so your marketing messages will be more effective.

The next step in developing Joe, my perfect avatar, is exploring his goals and values. Last week, we mentioned that Joe, having grown up in the midwest would have a similar belief system as those in his region.

So let’s start there. Midwestern values include neighborliness, friendliness, honesty and being laid-back, or easygoing. Dubuque, Iowa is rural and less diverse than a larger metropolitan area. Census reports show the population in that county in 2015 as 97,125 in an area of 617 square miles.

The racial breakdown of the area looks like this;

White: 93.4%

African American 3.2%

Hispanic or Latino as 2.3%

Native American 0.2%

2.5% of the population were born in foreign countries. So you can see that there isn’t much diversity in the area.

Plus, midwesterners are known for being patriotic, and there are nearly 7,000 Veterans living in the county.

People who live in this area expect to see and are more comfortable with other people who look and act like them. Some of the values they hold to connoting cordiality and friendliness may be attributed to the natural tendency to want to manage one’s reputation and help strangers or friends who may end up reciprocating in the future.

You’ll also find, that the population is less technologically advanced than urban areas tend to be–you won’t find as many people pulling out their smartphones to find out what’s going on right now in their area.

From this information we can expect Joe’s values may look something like this;

Joe is committed to…

  1. His family and his community. Joe loves his family and will work hard to support them and give them the things they want. He also supports his community in time and effort.
  2. His employer or company and works hard not only to support his family but takes pride in doing a good job.
  3. He has traditional values, and he’s a no-nonsense kind of guy.

Now, let’s look at Joe’s goals. What does Joe want?

Joe wants to…

  1. Increase his salary to make it easier to get his kids through college.
  2. Joe wants to see the Cubs play at Wrigley Field. He loves baseball and looks forward to traveling with his family or friends to see his favorite pastime.
  3. Joe’s hobby is fishing, perhaps Joe wants to go to Alaska to fish or would like to be involved in fishing competitions in the area.

The more demographic information you can pull about your avatar and match that with the information you acquire about his age, location and beliefs, the more you can infer about his values and his goals. Make note of the goals and values relevant to the products and services you offer. Now, when you think of Joe, what information will attract him to your message?

Are you beginning to see him as a person in your mind’s eye? Can you see what type of clothing he wears, what he might drive, or where he shops? Being able to visualize who your ideal buyer is, can be key to writing an effective message to attract him/her to your brand.

You’ll use all of this information about Joe to drive your future product creation, copywriting, and content marketing.

Now it’s your turn to add the goals and values of your perfect avatar to the demographic information that you gathered last week. With this information start to establish your perfect avatar. Next week, we’ll look at where your ideal customer gets his/her information.

Click here for our Ideal Avatar Worksheet.

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