Customer Avatar Series: Meet Joe, A Perfect Avatar

If you’re in business, you know who your perfect customer is, right?

Of course, it’s the one who wants to spend money on your products or services. Boom! Done! Right? If only it was that simple!

If it was as straightforward as, “I’ll put my information out there and my perfect customers will find me,” then everyone would be raking in the revenue, with minimal effort. But it’s not quite that easy.

Think about all the information you consume every day, even if you’re not trying to. Experts say that we are bombarded by between 4,000 – 7,000 marketing messages every. single. day.

How in the world will your customers find you in all that information, if you aren’t actively marketing to find them? The answer is clear–they won’t.

So before you write your amazing marketing copy, develop your product packaging or any other type of content, you should be darn sure about who you’re aiming at–who your target customer or perfect avatar is.

In this series, I’ll be revealing how to build your own perfect avatar. Each post in the series will examine one of the 5 components of building your own ideal customer and by the end of the series, you’ll have your very own.

A perfect avatar is a representation that embodies your best prospective customer; provides you with a target, determines who buys your products, and helps you get a clear picture of your optimal buyer in order to create more powerful messages that will move your avatar to action and achieve the sales you want.

Take Joe for example. Joe will impact virtually every aspect of your sales and marketing process if he is your target demographic.

Any marketing that comes into contact with Joe will improve if you have a clear idea about who he is and what he cares about. There are five major components you should learn about Joe in order to market to him effectively.

The first thing is to develop Joe’s demographic information.  You want to bring together the following to show who Joe is.

Avatar Name: Joe

Gender: Male

Age: 42

Marital Status: Married

#/Age of Children: 2/21, 19

Location: Dubuque, Iowa

Favorite Quote: They said I could become anything, so I became a redneck.

Occupation: Construction Worker/Welder

Job Title: General

Annual Income: $45,000

Level of Education: Trade School

Other: Enjoys baseball – likes the Cubs. Fishing is his hobby.

This list of demographics tells you a lot about Joe, and it helps you get into Joe’s head.

Now you may be asking, “how did you know all of those things about Joe?” So before we dig into Joe’s demographic information, let’s look at where you can get that data.

First, you can garner a few things about your perfect avatar from your product and who would buy it.

For instance, if you were selling snowmobile trailers, you could infer from your product that your ideal customer would live somewhere that it snows, and they have some expendable income to spend on their hobby (ie. to purchase snowmachines and trailers), and you know at least one of their hobbies/interests.

Or, if you write a blog about writing and/or publishing you would believe that your perfect avatar likes to read and/or is a writer or would like to be a writer. Take cues from what you offer to figure out who your perfect avatar is.

Then take a look at the social media of your followers. Follow back some of those people who follow you, peer in and see what they are interested in. What they talk about, what they care about, where they are located, and what they like to do. All of this information is available in our social media channels–in fact, if you look at mine you would be able to tell the following;

I’m self-employed, I graduated from college and live in Idaho. You can see where I’ve checked in at, what sports teams I like, the music I listen to, the recent movies and TV shows I’ve watched, along with the books I read and who I follow.

Take some time to look at those people who are already buying from you or who are interested in your messages and start building with those similarities from there. Those cues would give you the clues you need to make inferences about your ideal customer, as I will show you with Joe.

You know that Joe is married and has children. And you know that he had his children relatively young–in his early 20s. You can also make some assumptions as to his financial constraints. Joe’s kids are college-age, so you could assume that at least one of them may be at university and so he may have financial strains.

You know that Joe lives in the midwest so you can assume that many of the typical beliefs that are held in that area, may also be held by Joe.

You know that Joe has a sense of humor, from his quote, and you also know what types of humor he likes. You can infer that he might like Jeff Foxworthy and the other Blue Collar comics.

You know he’s a hard worker. He went to a vocational school, most probably for welding or some closely tied vocation. You know that his family is in the median pay scale for the U.S., and you also know he likes all-American baseball and enjoys the outdoors.

So you can see, just from this demographic information, you can already tell a whole lot about your perfect customer. And with this information, you can start to form opinions and assumptions about him.

Within the demographic component of your ideal customer, you can insert any other information that you know about Joe here. What kind of car does Joe drive? Does he like cats or dogs better? Anything you know about Joe, you could add to his profile.

I challenge you to take some time now to look at the demographic information of your perfect avatar. What are their preferences, where do they come from, what is their economic level, and so on? Use the Perfect Avatar Worksheet, attached here, to start building your own ideal customer. Take the time to really get to know your followers and where they fit with their demographics, then pull out some similarities that you see among them.

In the next post, we’ll take a look at the common goals and values of your perfect avatar and how to use that information as we continue to develop your ideal customers.

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