Customer Avatar Series: Joe’s Pain Points and Objections

The final component of your ideal customer avatar is taking a look at their pain points and challenges. This section will drive new product and service development for your brand as well as show where your content creation and live streaming creative will compel your customer to action.

When you think of marketing to Joe, with all of the information you’ve gathered about him, you should be able to pinpoint some of the struggles and challenges he has. Build solutions to his challenges and use language that addresses those issues in your marketing messages.

Joe is challenged with…

  1. Spending time with his family. Joe works hard and his family may not all live with him. He struggles to spend as much time with his family as he would like to.
  2. One challenge Joe may have is financial, if his kids are in college and he is paying, he may have a financial strain. However, if he is not paying for college, and his kids have moved out, the opposite may be true. He may have more than he had in the past.
  3. Mid-life. Joe may be an empty-nester or getting ready to be.

Joe’s pain points are…

  1. Time; is he spending his time wisely and conversely is he running out of it.
  2. Money; he may have financial constraints or more than he’s had in the past.
  3. Interests

After you’ve pinpointed Joe’s challenges and pain points, factor in his objections to purchasing your product or service. Why would Joe NOT want to buy? What might be holding him back? Identifying these objections and overcoming those doubts in your marketing message will diminish them.

Joe’s objections to the sale…

  1. Cost
  2. How will having this product or service help me (what will it offer)?
  3. What convenience will I receive?

The best way to show you how to overcome pain points and objections is by example. One of the best uses of this, in action, is the video ad produced by Dollar Shave Club.

Pain Point #1 – Quality:

“Are your blades any good?”

“Our blades are — great!” The announcer, in one sentence, describes the razor including. “It’s so gentle, a toddler could use it.”

Pain Point #2 – Cost:

“Do you like spending $20 a month on brand name razors? Nineteen go to Roger Federer”

Pointing out that you are spending way too much on your razors so the company can pay a celebrity spokesperson.

Pain Point #3 – What you truly need:

“Do you think your razor needs a vibrating handle, a flashlight, a back scratcher and 10 blades? Your handsome grandfather only had one blade”

They use ridiculous claims to point out that you don’t NEED what the name brand is trying to sell you.

Pain Point #4 – Convenience:

“Don’t forget to buy your razors every month, we’ll ship them right to ya.”

Pain Point #5 – Benefitting others:

“We’re not just selling razors, we’re creating new jobs.”

Pain Point #6 – Reiterating cost:

“Stop forgetting to buy your blades every month and start deciding where you’re going to stack all those dollar bills I’m saving you.”

If you want to watch this ad in its entirety, you can do so here.

This ad reiterates what we’ve been talking about throughout this series. Using what you know about your perfect avatar, what he/she wants, and needs, you can write a marketing message that feels written just for your prospective client–like you’re speaking right to them.

That’s when you know you’ve got your avatar, when your message feels authentic to your prospective customer, showing that you understand where they are and what they need. It’s the reason to create a perfect avatar. What are you waiting for? Create your ideal customer now!

Click here for our Ideal Avatar Worksheet.

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