Customer Avatar Series: Where To Find Joe

You’ve met Joe, and you’ve been getting to know him, but did you know that he probably isn’t your only ideal customer? Most businesses have more than one, usually several, who are great representations of the people that are most likely to buy. Keep this in mind as you create your avatars, it’s better to have 5 distinct identities with clear differences than trying to roll 5 personalities into one nonspecific customer.

This week we’ll look at where Joe’s getting his information. This is the “where” of your customer avatar and will show you how you can reach him/her. It’s critical to determine the best places to advertise and target your avatar.

Think about the following; What books would Joe read? What magazines would Joe read? What blogs or websites would he visit? Or, would he visit blogs or websites? Joe may not be tech-savvy, he may only use the internet sparingly.

What types of conferences would Joe attend? Who does Joe follow? Where does he get his news and information? Then, what else do you know about Joe?

And when you ask these questions, you want to be very specific. Use this trick;

My ideal customer would read [BOOK], but no one else would.

For example, Joe likes to read fantasy novels by Neil Gaiman, but no one else would. This makes the types of books Joe likes more specific. Rather than saying he likes fantasy novels which could include the entire genre, you’ll focus on specifics.

Saying your ideal avatar reads Sports Illustrated doesn’t give you definitive information about him, but saying he reads Bass Angler, would provide more concise information about his wants and needs.

The idea is to find niche books, magazine, blogs, gurus, etc., your ideal avatar would be attracted to.

For example, Joe likes baseball. He watches the players and knows who’s the best and who isn’t. Rather than saying Joe likes Bryce Harper, the current NL MVP, look for someone Joe likes who isn’t as well known to everyone, like Kris Bryant.

If you were in the golf products market, for instance, you wouldn’t want to assign Tiger Woods as your ideal avatar’s guru. Tiger is someone that everyone, including non-golfers, is familiar with. Instead, choosing a more niche golfer like Jordan Spieth would allow you to hone in on your ideal avatar–excluding everyone else.

Also, along with researching who your ideal avatar may like, make notes of who he doesn’t like in order to sharpen your niche even more.

When buying traffic from ad platforms like Facebook, you’ll be able to target your audience by focusing on these niche interests, while excluding less than ideal customers. So being as specific as possible will help you hone your message and target your very best prospects.

Take the time now to find out where your ideal customers are getting their information and spending their time reading, watching, or listening. Knowing where your customer is at will make getting your message in front of them much easier.

Click here for our Ideal Avatar Worksheet.

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