Facebook Introduces New Visual Features For Facebook Live

Facebook is taking a page right out of competitor Snapchat’s playbook by introducing new visual features to it’s Facebook Live platform. The new tool can turn live video into more artistic, graphically enhanced variations with augmented reality. Overlays such as these are used by millions of Snapchatters on its platform every day. So if Facebook offers similar, or better options, it will be another way to help them slow the expansion and onslaught of Snapchat.

The change was demoed by Chief Product Officer Chris Cox recently at WSJD Live. Cox said that the ongoing focus would continue to be on live video within the platform, enhancing their live streaming options is within the platform’s vision of making Facebook a “video first” company, and noting that use of Facebook Live has grown four times since it’s launch earlier this year.

Facebook has been working hard to keep up with its main competitors, replicating much of Snapchat’s app functionality. But Facebook has taken it one step further by using the filters in real-time, making it a perfect fit for Facebook Live. And housing these new tools within their Facebook Live app could help the platform blossom and overtake competitors like Periscope.

Facebook Live’s launch of a new ad campaign highlighting how people can “Go Live” is perfectly timed with the addition of these new features. And while these trendy visual editing tools have significant appeal and promise to keep Facebook right where it wants to be, at the top of the social media landscape, these visual features will have to be compelling enough that people across the platform will be pushed to share them. Because while these new features are interesting, Facebook needs to release new tools that are innovative and a leg up on Snapchat’s offerings to stay in the race.  

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