Feedback Request Form

As part of Mobile Live Streaming for Business, I offer you feedback on one of your live streams if you wish.

In order to have me tune in for your broadcast, please email me at with the following information.

  1. The platform you plan to use: Facebook Live, Periscope, Busker, Instagram, Huzza, or other.
  2. Your username on the platform you've chosen.
  3. Three dates/times when you plan to broadcast.

I ask for three dates and times because I unfortunately can't always make it to the broadcast of your choice (although I will certainly try to do so).

Please make sure to give me 24 hours advance notice to the first of the three dates/times so I have time to make plans to watch. If, for some reason I'm not able to view one of the dates/times you have listed, I will correspond back to you so we can set a time.

After I watch your live stream broadcast, I will provide you feedback within 48 hours to help you increase your audience and followers.

And, as always, you can always reach out to me and my staff on our Private Members Only Facebook Group with questions.

I look forward to seeing you live!