Getting Your Social Media Presence in Order

In yesterday’s blog, we talked about getting your social media organized, and creating some objectives and goals you hope to achieve in the future using your digital channels.

Today, in our second step to creating a social media marketing plan, I’ll show you how to get your current social media presence in order and determine how well it’s working. That means figuring out which social media site your perfect avatar uses and who is currently connecting with you on your platforms. Is it your ideal customer or someone else?

But before you can determine which social media networks are going to be your best fit, you’ll need to determine which social networks you’re on right now and how well they’re working for you. Take these easy six steps to get your social media house in order.

Step 1: Create a spreadsheet that lists your social network, the URL to your profile.

Step 2: Go to Google and search any social media profiles that represent your company that you don’t own. These are imposters who may be trying to sell products and services using your good name, or they may simply be another business who has the same name as yours. Then decide whether or not you need to take action on any of those sites.

Step 3: Evaluate the needs for all of your social media profiles and create a mission statement for each. For example, on Snapchat your mission statement may be you may want to share the lighter side of our company and connect with younger prospect customers. Each channel should have its own mission or usage within your brand.

Step 4: Make sure all of your accounts at on-brand with proper profile photos, cover photos, icons, bios. Confirm all the descriptions are proper and the URL is correct.

Step 5: Centralize ownership/passwords to all your platforms. Decide who will run or make decisions about the control of your channels if it won’t be you.

Step 6: Create a process for how new channels will be established going forward and create criteria. Decide if you need to add or delete any channels at this time.

Once you’ve completed these six steps, you’re ready for tomorrow’s lesson–creating and improving your social media accounts.

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