Guest Post: How do your grow your blog?

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My Imperfect Kitchen

Some people say becoming a blogger is easy. I’d have to agree. Just a few simple steps with a web-provider and you’re on your way to sharing your passion with the world. Eventually, you may decide to expand your audience beyond the faithful viewership of family and friends. Then the questions begin. How do your grow your blog? What can you do to get other people to notice what you’re doing? How do you share your content with a larger audience? There are many different ways to share information in the blogging world. All the standard social media channels are a good place to start. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, etc. will give you exposure to a bigger market. However, the ever-changing social media world can be hit or miss. On Facebook, your content may or may not be seen on a regular basis. Instagram and Twitter show your pictures or videos in order and times they are posted. Unless you post at a popular time for your readers, your content can easily get lost. What’s the staying power of the posts you work so hard to create? Is there a simple way to consistently get your message to people? Yes. Creating a mailing list. It’s one of the best ways to share your content and get it seen by others and it is the one thing I wish I would have done from the very beginning.

When I first started my blog, I spent most of my time building social media numbers. I thought that’s where I’d gain the most exposure. I was wrong. To be fair, I have a respectable number on Facebook followers (currently 27K+) but I missed the boat when it came to having an email list that would keep me in touch with those 27K readers on a consistent basis. It’s my biggest failure. Three years into my blog, I’m just now scratching to put together a mailing list and offer exclusive content to my readers. Having an established mailing list not only keeps you in contact with your readers, it gives you credibility and provides many options for tracking your content and growing your blog! How fantastic would it be to say to a brand you want to work with, “Yes, I have 27K followers on Facebook, but I also have 27K people who get my mailing list every week!” WOW! Talk about a winning combination. See what I mean about missing the boat? Don’t let this happen to you!

There are plenty of good options out there for creating mailing lists. You can go with iContact or MailChimp. You could pay for a service like Constant Contact or create something yourself using your own email provider. Whatever you choose, get started on it right away. I’ve learned from experience it’s one of the greatest tools you can have in your arsenal and one you’ll use often. I hope to have mine up and working very soon too. Let me know how yours goes and maybe we can follow each other! Good luck!!

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