Guest Post: Staying relevant to a younger generation

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Green Giant Fresh

What makes a social media campaign work? It’s about seizing the moment and meeting your goals. During my time at Green Giant Fresh, we were faced with the challenge of making a 100-year-old heritage brand relevant to a new generation. We exceeded our goals and learned so much more along the way. We had been hearing about companies using social media to promote their brands; Ford being one of the leaders in social media with their Fiesta Movement Campaign. Although no one in the produce industry had journeyed down this path, we thought we would put social media to the test. We partnered with Zynga, the largest social media gaming company in the world. We created a promotion with their hottest social media game, Farmville, which reports $300,000 a day in revenue and 20 million daily users. It was a success!

image-1image-2imageWhat We Did

We put a Farmville sticker on each of our product packages. Players would buy the fresh veggies, peel away the sticker and enter the unique code into the Farmville site and redeem free Farm Cash for their account. Players were able to redeem up to three codes which equated to 15 Farm Cash per account. It was a new way to incentivize players, getting them to purchase one brand (Green Giant veggies) over another. We developed a Facebook page for Green Giant which built our fan base from 0 to 65,000 in sixty days. In our 6-week pilot program, we generated over 100,000 in free Farm Cash and because of its success, we expanded nationwide to 4,000 supermarkets. It was a phenomenon in the produce industry- virtual currency was being used to generate in-store sales.

Our Success

Our success catapulted our heritage brand into the millennium, making us “relevant” and increased our sales significantly. Green Giant had long since advertised its brand and new generations of kids were not familiar with the famous “Ho Ho Ho” of the Green Giant. Our challenge was making us relevant and building awareness for the fresh side of Green Giant. General Mills took notice and has since created a number of social media campaigns within their family of brands. The success our campaign was demonstrated by consumer engagement on our Facebook page, increased sales and becoming the leader in digital marketing in the produce industry. We learned what going viral really meant and it was a success in our industry taking us global.


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