How Many Times a Day Should I Post


To Annoy or Not To Annoy

How Many Times a Day Should Your Brand Post?


One of the most frequently asked questions in social media is “How many times should I post every day?”  While there is no right answer, there are some things that our team has learned over the years working on social channels that may help you steer your online efforts.  It has been our experience that you can safely post more than once a day as a brand, however, you definitely need to keep some important things in mind.


First, Content Is Key!  If you have valuable content, by all means, go ahead and post it.  Just make sure that what you are posting is of interest to your followers.  Also, don’t post so many times that your followers find you annoying and stop following you.  Test your waters.  If you post twice a day for a week and you see that you are losing followers, analyze why.  If your content is valuable, they won’t stop following so you may want to look not at how many times you are posting, but at what you are posting.


 Your audience is spending more and more time online so you need to think about when you are posting, and make sure that your posts are happening when your demographics are most likely to be online.  Don’t know when that is?  Review your analytics and find out when your followers are engaging with you and use that as a starting point.

Remember the 80/20 rule, 80 percent of your posts should be things that help, inform or entertain your followers in some way with only 20 percent of your posts being about your product.


Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm also has a bearing on how many of your followers see your posts.  Although you may have 100,000 followers, only a certain percentage will see your posts.  As more people respond to your posts, more people will be allowed to see it.  On the flip side, if your post doesn’t get much attention, it may only be seen by up to 3% of your followers.

Know your audience, keep them in mind when you post and watch your analytics.  Finally, have fun with it, if you would enjoy and find your content useful, chances are your followers will too.

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