How To Battle Live Stream Nerves and Gain Confidence On Camera

It seems many businesses have adopted live video into their social media strategies on platforms like Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube Live, Instagram Live, and And while these brands have embraced this new mode of customer communication, more have yet to take advantage of these new channels. With the number one reason for small companies opting out due to the nerves and anxiety often associated with public speaking.

Surveys have shown the fear of public speaking is at the top of the list when talking about panic-inspiring events. In fact, most fear public speaking more than death. And what’s live streaming but public speaking to a multitude of viewers you can’t see, but can see you.

However, part of the allure of live video is the thing many fear; the imperfections, stumbling over words, losing your place in the notes, or any of the multitudes of other things that can go wrong while you’re live.

To combat this fear and get you live streaming, here are five steps to help you get comfortable in front of the camera before clicking the LIVE button.


One of the first things you need to overcome in live stream video is watching yourself. Very few are immediately comfortable watching ourselves on camera. So try some purposeful practice to calm your nerves.

Set up your mobile device on a tripod, turn on the light and your microphone, and video yourself. Don’t go live yet–use the video on your phone to practice in front of the camera. It’s not exactly the same as being live, but you’ll comfortable with seeing yourself on camera and learning about your delivery style.

Once you’ve spent some time videoing and watching yourself delivering content, pick out things about your delivery you’d like to fix and work to improve those aspects. As you do so, you’ll get more comfortable seeing yourself on camera.

Watch Other Broadcasters

When you watch other broadcaster’s streams, you’ll notice characteristics you like and those you don’t. Assimilate the delivery styles you find engaging and eliminate those you don’t.

Work On Your Improvisational Skills

An essential part of live stream video is its unscripted nature and your ability to think on the fly. So while you’re practicing in the steps above, try free-form speaking; choose a topic to speak about for a predetermined time period. This type of speaking will help you learn to think on your feet.

Be Prepared To Broadcast

Take notes regarding topics you’d like to cover while live streaming and make sure you tick off each as you broadcast. Having this as a fail-safe while you’re speaking will help not only keep you on track but make sure you cover everything you need to while you’re live.


Once you’ve practiced, decided how you want to broadcast, and put together your topic list, it’s time to relax. Go live and have fun. The more at ease you can be, the more the audience will enjoy watching you.

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