Market Your Business With Weekly Broadcasts

How many of you struggle to provide consistent, original content for your followers on a weekly basis? Meaning, you are putting out a blog post, video, or podcast every week about your business–no matter what–you are communicating with your audience on at least a weekly basis. I know it seems like a simple task, but can be tough to keep up with, which makes mobile live streaming the perfect way to provide consistent content while helping you build trust with your audience and earning their respect.

The bonus is, if you are communicating on a regular basis, you don’t have to work as hard when you’re ready to promote your products or services. Your audience already knows, likes and trusts you, making it easier to profit from your audience simply by creating weekly, free content–making it 100% worth the effort.

Since mobile live streaming was embraced in early 2015, it’s gotten hotter than a Phoenix sidewalk in July. Live video posts are up 75% globally, and people spent three times longer watching live video compared to video that’s not live. And the world of live video is getting larger every single day.  

There’s some great research to back this type of interaction up. In 2009, a study by Harris Interactive showed that online shoppers are looking to gather information about the products and services they are interested in before purchase. They use three main ways to get this information; 43% want to have a face to face conversation with sales or someone associated with the business, while 36% get their information from websites. The final 22% used other means including reviews and talking with friends about the purchase. So using live video to facilitate a face to face conversation for the 43% looking for that type of interaction could have an enormous impact on the buying decisions of your audience.

The Washington Post took this information a step further, showing that humans have a tendency to prefer things that are familiar and easy to understand. You can win big with mobile live streaming–in becoming something that they know, like, and trust. Using broadcasts to influence purchasing decisions facilitates significant profits for your business while providing you an easy way to consistently communicate with your audience.

And finally, research conducted by Google and CEB further shows that customers who are emotionally connected to a brand are twice as likely to purchase their products or services and are four times as likely to defend those purchase decisions. This shouldn’t be surprising, and should be a wake-up call that spurs you on, to begin using mobile live streaming to communicate with your customers every week.

There are many apps to choose from to connect with your audience; Periscope, Facebook Live, Busker, Firetalk, Huzza, and FriendLife among them. These live streams are like a live blog or live podcast for your business to chat with a multitude of people from around the world. 1-click mobile streaming from devices is the number one new way to reach out as never before. These live broadcast apps are providing ways for you to quickly and economically take to the airwaves to introduce and sell your products–allowing you to become a mobile broadcasting station, streaming live video anytime–anywhere.

With these new apps, you can have a global audience, no matter where you broadcast. And you can get as much time as you want, without the expense and the limits that regulated television. There is no limit to the ways to use these videos. These apps will revolutionize the way you can share and consume information and with their ease of use and consistent content–building your business becomes much easier.

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