Stop Selling And Start Teaching Your Audience

Every morning I sit down at the computer in my cozy home office with my Chai Tea in hand and do what Tim Ferriss tells me not to do–I check my email.

What I find in my infinitely stuffed inbox is email after email promising to show me something revolutionary. Email after email promises to tell me exactly what I need to know to skyrocket my blog following from zero to 250,000 in just a few short hours or at the most a month. How to build my client list from nothing to 1,000 new customers in just one week, or how to put together a social media strategy and initiate it in less than an hour a day that will bring me hundreds, if not thousands of new customers. And every morning I open one of two of these enticing emails, hoping to find just one that will GIVE me the information that they’ve promised, to find nothing more than the lead-in to a new sales funnel.

Now don’t get me wrong, I use sales funnels, but give me a break! For once, just GIVE your audience what you promised them in the title. Then lead them to something even better with your copy to get their email or that first, small purchase. Your audience will feel better–not sold to–if you provide them with the promised information before you ask them to give you something for it.

If I feel this way, I know your audience does. And in a landscape where it’s getting harder and harder to get your followers to invest their time, information, and money, these sales funnels–if not backed up by what you’ve promised–will begin to lose traction.

Plus, the information that everyone is promising is along the same tract. Where are those who are teaching about Facebook pixels or data matching? What about showing me how to use Twitter for customer service in my business? Where are those who will explain the “nuts and bolts” versus pie-in-the-sky visions? Maybe I’m just not getting their emails yet.

One of the “rules” that I’ve always adhered to is giving more than I take. After all, most businesses use sales funnels, but you’ve got to learn to GIVE MORE to make them effective.

The bottom line is this–it’s ok to sell people through funnels and lead them down the road to a fantastic offer, but collectively we also need to be providing our audience with useful information instead of promises of further information, somewhere down the path. Funnels are meant to not only sell but teach your audience something. There has to be a GIVE before you net a receive. You should be cognizant of this fact when putting together your funnels. If you aren’t providing some helpful information, other than a “Click Here To Register” button, you’ll have a diminished CTR. GIVE your audience what you promised them in the title, and lead them to the next step and your receive within the copy.

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