How to Use Current Trends to Boost Your Social Reach


Have You Tried Trendjacking?

How to Use Current Trends to Boost Your Social Reach

“I don’t get Twitter,” is a line we often hear when we are talking with people about social channels. But Twitter, when used correctly can be a very influential tool to help you garner new fans for your products. One technique that we have found especially useful is called trendjacking. Besides being fun to say, trendjacking is simply capitalizing on an existing trend in order to bolster your own brand in the marketplace. Done correctly, it can be a boom for your brand and is great free publicity.

This technique uses what we consider to be Twitter’s most powerful yet most underutilized tool, trend-tracking to follow trends in your region, the nation or the world which can give you the power to talk to groups of people who are not in your group of followers.


For instance, if you are a company who makes kilts, on the day that Scotland was voting for their independence, you could post or attach a picture of a well-known celebrity in a kilt like the one below with a post-

#ScotlandDecides We’re voting with Scotland!


The new television season is starting as we are getting ready to post this.  A few of us on the team are avid Survivor fans. On the night that the first Survivor of the season starts, inevitably #Survivor will be one of the trending subjects. This would be a great time for an underwear company (because we all hate to watch the contestants run around in their ugly underwear) to cash in on a humorous post. Add a link to your website along with the post.

#Survivor, when your underwear needs to outlast!

You have to be careful with these posts. Be aware of issues around your topic because you never want to offend anyone who might become a customer, but tapping into trends can get many new eyes on your products. Be cautious when trendjacking, but definitely use it when it makes sense.

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