Huge Text For Personal Updates Under 35 Characters

Have you noticed some posts on Facebook showing up with huge text when viewed on your desktop? The text, blown up to 24-point, while regular updates are the 14-point style are virtually yelling for your attention. And there’s a reason for that.

Turns out that Facebook’s looking to boost on-platform engagement after they found that personal updates have fallen 21% in ranking. CEO Mark Zuckerberg put together a team to take on what he called a “context collapse,” assigning staff to come up with new ways to inspire more personal sharing.

So Facebook updates with 35 characters or less will now be getting the big font treatment. The text size, however, won’t be enlarged if an attachment is included in your post, only if it’s plain text. So it’s back to those “can you tell an engaging story in three words” type sentences that we had to come up with in high school English class.

At this time, the text only presents larger if you’re viewing it on your desktop, with the mobile version being normal sized. Lessening the impact, either positive or negative, since the majority of Facebook’s 1.71 billion users primarily access the platform via mobile device.

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