Keeping Up With Social Media While Traveling

Keeping up with social media while you’re traveling isn’t always easy, but I have a few secrets I use when I’m on the road. After all, even though you’re traveling, you’ve got to be out in front of your audience. Out of sight is out of mind, right?

So I use mobile live streaming to streamline content while on the road. Although you may come up against unreliable WiFi and heavy data usage, being able to quickly broadcast then aggregate the message from the live stream to your social media platforms saves a lot of time while still keeping your content up-to-date and fresh.  

Plus, some of the best content I’ve shared has been while I was on-the-road. Just last month I did a few highly successful streams from Bourbon Street in New Orleans, where there’s always something interesting to show viewers.

Here’re a few of tips to keep your content fresh even when you’re out of the office.

  1. Schedule time to create content (or when you might be able to stream interesting content). For instance, when I was in New Orleans, I knew I could stream from the Quarter in the evening, and I scheduled my content to come from those broadcasts.
  2. Snap fun photos and videos of yourself throughout the day and share them on your social media platforms. Let you viewers see what you’re seeing and what you’re doing while you’re out of the office.
  3. Make sure to include relevant hashtags and tag businesses and places you visit. I visited the Titanic in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and tagged them on Twitter. Tagging engages others in the conversation and increases reach.
  4. Make sure to stream short live videos even though you may want to focus solely on travel. It will keep you in front of your audience, even though you’re on the road.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time on social media while you’re traveling. But I’ve always found some of the most compelling content while I’m on the road, so keep your viewers in mind while you’re having fun on holiday.

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