New Retweet Feature on Twitter

Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svgGood news for our fellow tweeters. Twitter has officially rolled out its ‘retweet with comment’ or ‘quote tweet’ feature, which lets people annotate the tweets of others.

The new tool lets users embed tweets within their own messages, meaning that users get an extra 116 characters to comment on a tweet instead of having to allow for the length of the previous tweet.

Users have already been able to embed a tweet by manually pasting in the link, but this was a rather cumbersome process that didn’t quite fit in with the Social Media platform’s quick-use mentality. The old version of the Quote Tweet button never got much traction, so users adopted a manual retweets method of putting an RT between the original tweet and their own thoughts.

By providing a much simpler alternative, we’re expecting to see less and less of the above-mentioned practices.

Sidestepping the character limit is also becoming easier in other ways. Users who wish to post tweets longer than 140 characters have a number of options. They can use services like Twitlonger and JumboTweet, which creates a link that users must click on to view the rest of the tweet.

Twitter is rolling out the feature now for iOS and the web, and will arrive on Android devices soon. You can find it by pressing the Retweet button under any tweet.Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 1.39.41 PM

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