The Importance of Consistent Messaging

We’ve all heard the adage; the squeaky wheel gets the grease. But did you know that it works the same for consistent messaging on your social media platforms? Consistent messaging leads to increased leads, conversions, and revenue!

So why do so many of us have a hard time staying consistent? I’ll be honest; I have a hard time staying on a regular schedule, so I know it’s easier said than done. But I’m not telling you that you have to post every day. Once a week, consistently on the same day, is all you need to do to stay in front of your audience. Because let’s be real, if you don’t remain in front of your viewers, they’ll forget about you.

Today, with all the marketing messages vying for your customer’s attention, if you fall off the radar, you’ll lose sales. Someone else will take your place and grab that revenue. So having an original content strategy where you post every single week is crucial.

That content might be a blog, social media posts, or a live stream broadcast–wherever you are reaching out to your audience. Make sure that you are doing so on a consistent basis. I know that this seems simple, and I understand that we are all incredibly busy. But taking the time out to provide your followers with this original content will help you big time down the road.

Here’s why it’s so important;

First, it sets you up as an expert in your field. For instance, say I’ve become interested in what I can do to reduce my carbon footprint. But honestly, I barely know where to start, and there’s so much information out there that I feel overwhelmed. And you are an expert in this field, so giving out one small piece of advice on this topic every week would be something of value you could offer your audience. Say I’m going to subscribe or follow your content, so that every time you post, I get to see you in my media. I’m going to remember you so when I need to purchase or need some service; I’ll be inclined to go to you for that information and ultimately you’ll convert me into a customer.

It sets you up as a leader, and you garner respect and accountability. Plus, it builds the know, like, and trust factor between you and your followers. And they’ll defer to you in this field. If you’ve been listening to me, you know that your audience is twice as likely to purchase from someone they know, like, and trust than from another brand.

Second, you’ll spend less on advertising. If you’re posting every week, you’ll have to hustle less when you are trying to sell something. You won’t need to promote as much because your followers will already be more engaged.

Taking the time to engage weekly will provide you with a larger audience right off the bat when you’re ready to sell something over someone who hasn’t been consistent and now must quickly build an audience from scratch. And you know that building an audience quickly from scratch needs more promotion and can be costly.

Your engaged audience will result in higher revenue. You’ve already built the know, like, and trust with your followers, and they will reward you with increased sales.  Don’t believe me? Just take a walk through your social media posts. Pick any platform.

For instance, on my Facebook today I see posts from Gary Vee, Katya Varbanova, Being Boss, Alice Cooper, Jasmine Beckett-Griffith, Courses That Convert, Sixx Sense, David Wolfe, and Marketplace Gifts. That’s just to name a few of the brands or businesses that I have on a Monday morning in my feed. Those are the businesses or brands that when they get ready to sell to me, I’m ready for purchase.

When you get ready to sell or offer something to your customers, you can ramp up your messaging, but again, you aren’t messaging from scratch. You’ve already got your audience engaged with your weekly content.

For instance, say you follow a particular musician or singer. You see them post something weekly throughout the year. When that musician goes into the studio to record a new album or goes on tour, their messaging picks up and instead of seeing them once a week, you see them several times a week or every day. You were already following them, so when they had a tour to announce or a new album to sell, it was easier for them to get the word out because they were already engaging with you.

And that’s exactly what you need to be doing with your audience. Taking the time out now to provide a consistent message will pay off in big dividends in the long run.

Today at 2:00 p.m. MT we are doing a webinar on how to use your live streaming broadcasts as the cornerstone of your social media strategy.

Right here on our Facebook page, you can sign up for the webinar, so I hope you’ll do so and I’ll see you there this afternoon!

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