Tips to Increase Your Facebook Engagement


Facebook Messaging!

Tips to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Facebook messaging is the most straightforward form of storytelling.  For many, its also the easiest platform to master, if you are truly telling a story instead of simply marketing to the audience.  Many brands forget to be personable, but speaking to users as friends instead of prospects can go a long way to creating brand loyalty and building relationships with your followers. Because Facebook is becoming more of a Pay to Play platform, it’s becoming even more important to engage with users in a personal fashion.


At Social Experiment, we think of effective messaging as giving away the farm but keeping the cow.  We work hard to provide our users with lots of useful information about how to use social media.  We ask only one thing in return, to log in and share a story about your social media experiences. Keeping the farm and the cow doesn’t provide anything useful to your users. That doesn’t help your followers and it doesn’t help you.  Remember when messaging; always give more value to your followers than what you ask of them in return.



As consultants, we find ourselves in a lot of airports and that gives us a great chance to watch people consume media.  We are oftentimes amazed at the speed at which people browse. We know that generally your post is going to get about 1.4 seconds unless you stop the viewer from scrolling on past.  The best way to do so is with stunning or surprising graphics. You don’t have to break the bank or hire a graphic designer to provide these.  There are plenty of photo sharing sites on the web that provide visuals for you at no or low cost.  The graphics should go along with or enhance the story you are trying to tell. Engaging visuals will get your posts many more views.


As most of you know, Facebook has changed the way viewers get to see promotional pages so that even though your viewers may have liked your page, only 0.073% of your users see your posts.  However that percentage increases when you use Facebook to schedule your posts, when you post your videos directly to Facebook instead of sharing from YouTube or sponsor your posts.  This is Facebook’s way of monetizing its platform for its shareholders. This is going to continue as Facebook looks for more ways to boost its profits, but because Facebook is the current “King” of social media, we all have to find solutions to get our posts in front of our viewers.

Finally, look at your Facebook page often.  How does it look?  Are there interesting graphics? Are your subject lines engaging and personal? Watching your analytics as indicators to how your posts are performing and using the data to message your audience is a winning strategy to increase your reach.

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