Using Dark Posts to Test and Grow Your Following


Advertising on Facebook has become something of an art form in the past few years. Savvy advertisers have been using Dark or Unpublished Posts with impressive success.

Dark or Unpublished Posts are messages that will not appear on your timeline but can be accessed by anyone with a direct link. These are used extensively by advertisers who are looking to test out copy and those who are looking to get results in the newsfeed with sponsored posts.

For those companies that don’t want to blast a message to their entire fan base before getting feedback (and possibly giving their audience a reason to unlike their page), unpublished posts will show fan reaction and allow brands to revamp the message. Using these messages can also help brands to dial in to their fans interests and fashion their content to those interests.

These posts can also be used for the purpose of promotion, content that never shows up on your page, but can increase your following through posts targeted at you the interests, location or demographics of your audience.


In order to create these posts, you will need to download Power Editor into your Facebook menu. From the main menu, add your message, graphic and link. Until you select “publish post” the post will remain unpublished but still available for promotion. You can also choose your level of spend in finding the optimal post content.

Finally, even though unpublished posts are an effective resource, it is important to keep your brand persona in mind when creating content. Don’t use unpublished posts as an excuse to deviate from that persona. Once someone is following you, they will be looking for that personality that you used to get their attention.

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