What’s New In Live Streaming: Don’t Let The Bells And Whistles Scare You

Live streaming began to gain traction in 2015. Through 2016, these live broadcasts were all about the real, raw, now stories. Simply press a button and start talking.

But throughout 2016, we saw more live streamers become interested in improving the production quality of their live streams and now there are more and more companies jumping into the mix to allow live streamers ways to provide a more professional television-type broadcast.

Companies such as Periscope Producer enable the use of third party software to broadcast professional style live shows. And there are several third party apps and platforms that allow live streamers to conduct interviews and have two-way conversations. BeLive.tv among others are leading the way through the addition of lower-third graphics, shot changes and the display of comments right on the screen.

This may scare some first-time live streamers off. And it will become more important as more live streamers join the ranks of the live stream. However, those who have interesting content and offer authentic value needn’t worry about all the bells and whistles. The value they offer will outweigh the glitz and glamour of purchased software.

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