What’s New In Live Streaming: The Year of Live Video

Welcome to our new series! What’s New In Live Streaming? With the new year comes the boom of live streaming. What should you be watching for in 2017? Where should you concentrate with your own live broadcasts?

The first question is are you live streaming–and if not–why?

Let’s look what’s going on in the live broadcasting space. In 2016, we saw the decline and death of two live streaming platforms, Meerkat, and Blab. And two major social media platforms, Instagram and Twitter introduced new live streaming capabilities to their platforms.

So what’s coming for us in 2017? An increase in live video! The question for this year isn’t about “if” you should go live, but “when” you should go live.

Just like businesses had to stop asking whether they should have a presence on Facebook, in 2017 many will have to stop asking whether they should be doing live video, and take the plunge.

Live broadcasts take the conversations you can have with your audience (prospective customers) from a static, one-sided interaction to a multifaceted, interactive discussion, and adds a dimension to your communication.

No more waiting! 2017 is the time for your brand to go live!

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