What’s New In Live Streaming: You Can’t Ignore It Any Longer

So what can you expect in 2017 in live streaming? And what should you be watching for this year?

With this new year comes an even bigger boon in live streaming. The main attraction in social media this year is definitely going to be live video. Businesses who seriously want to get in front of their audience will use live streaming broadcasts to build the know, like, and trust factor with their followers which will exponentially convert customers for your brand.

Brands that haven’t established relationships with their audience and don’t create conversations with them using live stream broadcasts will lose massive momentum this year.

Video content will continue to experience a marked increase for business use in 2017 as vit will continue to get easier to target, based on video analytics to reach a much higher level of personalization.

Bottom line: If you’re a business in 2017, you can’t ignore live streaming. Now’s the time to go live!

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