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   Showing Relevance Scores for Ads on FacebookScreen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.48.22 AM

Facebook is always trying show people the ads that are most pertinent to them. The Social Media giant has always used relevance as a factor in determining how it delivers ads. Taking relevance into account helps ensure that people see ads that matter to them, leading to a better experience for people and businesses alike. Beginning February 9, 2015, the company is going to start showing relevance scores as a visible metric in its ads reporting tools.

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Twitter is LauTwitter_bird_logo_2012.svgnching its Answers Analytics Tool as a Standalone Product

Twitter is super keen on being more than just a place for your random thoughts on current events. In addition to its Mo Pub ad platform, it’s also going after developers with its Crashlytics service.Twitter recently announced that the Answers mobile analytics service within Crashlytics is being launched as its own tool in addition to being art of the Crashlytics dashboard and that the service is currently handing five billion sessions a day in real time.

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Facebook Announces New Product AdsScreen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.48.04 AM

Many businesses sell more than one product. But if your business has lots and lots of products to advertise, all that variety can present some challenges. How do you highlight more of your products? How do you advertise the right products to the right people? Facebook has taken this problem head on and created product ads, a solution designed to help businesses promote multiple products or their entire product catalog, across all the devices their customers use. With product ads, businesses can showcase more products and people on Facebook can discover more relevant products.

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Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.43.00 AMInstall the best new iPhone and iPad apps from Pinterest

Now if you’re on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll see another kind of Pin: app Pins. Let’s say you’re Pinning workout inspiration to your Marathon Training board. If you see a fitness app that helps you reach your goals, you can download it right from Pinterest.

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Check out KanvasScreen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.36.16 AM

Kanvas, a photo-editing app that lets users add text, stickers, drawings and music to images as well as stitch together photos, GIFs and videos, is now bringing its set of creative tools to a new application for iOS users: Kanvas Keyboard. As you may guess by its name, the new app is an iOS 8-compatible keyboard app that lets you quickly add text to your photos or colored backgrounds, draw on photos, send GIFs and more, all while texting via SMS or iMessage.

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