What’s New In Social Media This Week

It’s been a busy week of announcements from Twitter and Facebook! There’s so many, it’s been hard to keep up–so here’s a quick wrap-up.

Periscope Gets An Analytics Dashboard

It’s Hallelujah from those of us who have been paying for our Periscope Analytics!

Periscope introduced its new analytics dashboard on Wednesday. The dashboard will track video duration, the number of viewers, hearts and time watched per viewer, along with many other options. And you can view your analytics for videos up to 200 days old.

It’s not terribly in-depth but it’s a solid start and since it’s still in beta, there may be changes and additions coming your way.

Along with this announcement, Periscope also said that live videos will now be available within Twitter’s curated new stories. So if the stars align you may have your live video featured on Twitter.

Facebook Launches Facebook Stories In Its Main App

Facebook to rule the world! Well, if they can’t rule it all–they’ll steal it from everyone else. The platform announced it would launch stories in its main Facebook app. You can now see stories from your Facebook friends in circles at the top of your newsfeed. To view the story, simply tap on the one you’d like to see and it will open your friend’s story with photos, videos, drawings and camera effects.

It’s essentially a second newsfeed within Facebook. Once you get access to stories, you’ll find a camera icon in the top left corner of the app where you can take photos and pictures, add effects and drawings and share the result. After 24 hours, your story will disappear forever.

Facebook has also added Direct–a way for you to share a photo or video to friends who will receive it in Facebook’s Direct inbox instead of through Messenger. You just have to start with a visual and add text second. The messages last until they are viewed and remain visible until the conversation stops.

Twitter Announces Pre-Roll Ads

On Tuesday Twitter announced that you will soon be seeing pre-roll ads before high profile live broadcasts on Periscope. In a blog post, Twitter said publishers will have the option to run a short video ad that plays before you watch their Periscope videos (both live and on replay).

These pre-roll ads will be a way for creators and publishers to monetize their video content while giving marketers a new source of video advertising. Twitter says it will be making pre-roll ads more broadly available over the next few months.

Facebook Adds Online Fundraising Tools

Introducing the new GoFundMe? Facebook announced today it’s expanding its online fundraising tools to allow Facebook users to raise money for events which fall under certain criteria. It will be adding the ability for Facebook Pages to add a “donate” button to their live broadcasts.

The fundraisers are limited to just six categories; education (tuition, classroom supplies, books), medical procedures, pet medical needs, crisis relief, personal emergencies (vehicle accidents, sudden illness, house fires) and funeral or loss (burial expenses, living costs). Facebook says it hopes to expand this list of categories over time.

Facebook Pages will also be able to now include a “donate” button on their live stream broadcasts so your audience can donate to you as they watch or after the video is posted on the page.

Facebook Set To Announce Group Bots

At the April 18 – 19 F8, Facebook will reveal a new class of group bots which will work inside group chats. These bots will keep users informed about real-time news that would affect their group.

Facebook already employs bots to give you the top news across Facebook but will open up its API to allow more developers to start building group bots. For example, a Messenger group of football fans could add sports bots to their thread.

Right now it’s unclear how users will find and add bots to their threads, but it is one of a slew of announcements slated for the F8 conference and we hope to know further then.

Periscope Adds A New Activity Tab For Video Creators

Update your Periscope App (in IOS and Android) and you’ll see you have a new bell icon on your homepage. The Activity Tab helps you glean insights into your engagement. It notifies you when you gain new followers and who has watched your replay. Keep watching this tab, the company says there will be much more to come.

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