Who should handle your marketing for social media?

CS-Marketing-InHouse-Agency-02In-House vs. Agency

Who should handle your marketing for social media?

Marketing on social media channels is not free.  Yes, the platform itself may be free but when it comes to an ongoing social media presence you have one of two choices – hire in-house staff for this purpose or hire an agency. When it comes to deciding on which avenue to take for your business, keep a few things in mind.

In House vs Agency

CS-Marketing-InHouse-Agency-04Hiring an in-house staff ensures that your brand messaging will be on-point, and your social media team being part of your company steeps them in your own brand, ensures information will be timely and unique. To staff this in-house team, however, you will need resources that many small businesses simply don’t have, and hiring expertise in this area of marketing can be costly. To properly hire in-house, brands should be willing to dedicate full time staff to copy writing, graphics, analysis, and optimizing content. Small businesses can look at their current employee base and reassign them to social media tasks, but it is important to note that social media is not a part time job. For social media to work, it has to have full time effort in order to get full benefit – treated like a part-time job, it will get only part-time results.

CS-Marketing-InHouse-Agency-05Hiring an agency hands the reigns over to professionals who are well versed in online marketing strategy. The brand should hire an agency that they are willing to put their trust in.  An agency can bring fresh ideas, differing perspectives, and new technology to the table. Coordinated teamwork needs to take place between the agency and the brand in order to make it work. When handing your social media outreach over to the pros, you will benefit from their expertise as these agencies specialize in media channels and are well versed in media trends.

The argument comes down to whether your company’s budget, goals and in-house expertise are suited to taking on your social media efforts or if it is time to hand your media channel strategy over to the pros.

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