With Everything At Your Customer’s Fingertips, How Do You Stand Out?

When I was in high school, I remember looking through my Seventeen magazine, wishing that I could find that one pair of featured jeans, but being unable to locate them in my rural town. So it’s a significant change, that my daughter, looking through her Seventeen magazine can now simply jump online and purchase anything she likes in a few short moments.

In 2016, nearly everything you could ever want or need is available for purchase with a few quick keystrokes.

Just Google it. Amazon will ship it to you in two days. And not only that, you might be able to get it for cheap–shipped straight from China. Grocery stores now deliver to your doorstep.


It’s great news if you’re in business. Brands have a cornucopia of options to convert their audience into customers with ease. But along with the ability to market easily to anyone in the world with an internet connection, comes the increased difficulty of your message cutting through the noise of today’s constantly connected world.

What can you do or say that will connect you with those buyers who are primed to purchase your products or services?

Step 1 is finding those poised purchasers by identifying your ideal buyer persona or perfect avatar. A generalized representation of your optimal customer that will help you gain an understanding of your prospective buyer. Making it easier for you to tailor your content, product development and messaging around the specific needs, wants, behaviors and concerns of your perfect customer. Creating a persona will keep you from wasting time, effort, and assets putting you ads and copy in front of the wrong audience. And it will help you internalize the quintessential buyer you’re trying to attract by helping you identify and relate to them.

Some of the key questions you’ll want to discover about your perfect avatar are;
Who are the authority figures or big brands that they follow?
What publications do they read?
How old are they?
What kinds of products do the like to buy?
What beliefs do they have in common?
What are their specific needs and interests?
What’s their typical background?

Developing a detailed persona for these prospective buyers will help you grasp what makes your best customers tick and understand what your audience needs from you. With your perfect avatar developed, you can now move on to refining your message or story

Social Experiment has created a free mini-course to convert your audience into customers with an easy to use a 7-part framework to filter the communication of your story or message to your perfect avatar. Just click on the link below to get the free video course delivered to your inbox now!

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